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The American Society of Addiction Mediciine (ASAM) Criteria, a.k.a., Patient Placement Criteria (PPC) is a uniform criteria. It provides admission, continued stay and discharge criteria that professionals use to guide and justify decision making regarding the Level of Care a client should be referred to, and treatment planning. There are four key components; 1.) ASAM’s Continuum of Care, 2.) ASAM’s Six Dimensions, 3.) ASAM’s Criteria, and 4.) ASAM’s DImension Risk Rating Scale.

Research on the evidence based practice of making patient placement decisions, also known as choosing a level of care, and matching clients to treatment indicates that mismatching clients to treatment, either under treating or over treating has been demonstrated to decrease a client’s successful engagement of treatment (Magura, et. al., 2002), and lead to poorer treatment outcomes (Magura et. al., 2002; McKay et. al., 2000). It is imperative that assessors and case managers learn how to make informed and accurate patient placement decisions, and be able to write clear, concise and clinically defensible justifications for their decisions.

What You Will Learn?

The ASAM onsite workshop and the ASAM E-Course, Training Online provides participants with the knowledge, skills and support materials to make more informed and accurate dimension risk ratings and patient placement decisions. They will also learn how to write clear and concise clinical justifications to substantiate their decisions to Medicaid and Private Insurers, reducing the number of LOC recommendations being denied. Possessing these skills enables staff to be a more effective advocate for the services clients need. Finally, participants will understand how dimension risk ratings and clinical justifications can drive effective treatment planning.

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What’s Different About These Workshops?

Many workshops on ASAM Criteria, a.k.a., ASAM Patient Placement Criteria provide a broad overview of the criteria and how it is used. While participants generally understand the concepts, many are not equipped to use the criteria upon returning to the workplace. With the knowledge, skills and support materials provided in this workshop participants are better equipped to more effectively use the criteria upon returning to the workplace. You will be able to see your newly acquired learning when you compare your pre course measure results to your post course measure results. Lastly, we will provide you with performance feedback regarding what you have learned and what you should continue to focus on.

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