ASI E-Course


ASI Training Online, a.k.a., The ASI E-Course

ASI Training Online, a.k.a., the ASI E-Course is a valid and reliable source of ASI Training, accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.The course is designed to teach learners how to administer the ASI correctly, and to better understand how the information collected using the ASI informs and influences; a Diagnosis or Diagnostic Impression of Substance Abuse, or Dependence; ASAM’s Six Dimensions; Patient Placement Decisions; and Criminogenic Risk Assessments.

While, understanding the relationship of the information collected using the ASI to these clinical tasks is important, it is often a missing component of standard two and three day onsite ASI training workshops. Teaching clinicians and counselors how to administer the ASI, without teaching them the clinical significance of the information collected, results in a workforce focused on filling in boxes and completing mandated paper work that has little to no value to them.

The ASI E-Course is an evidenced based and proven effective adult learning solution that leverages the advantages of web based training, while incorporating the content and methods of a proven and effective ASI curriculum developed to train interviewers on the correct administration of the ASI.