ASAM Criteria Related Content

The content below has been categorized by the Key Components of ASAM they primarily relate to.

Rationale and Benefits of Uniform Criteria i.e., ASAM.

TIP 13: The Role and Current Status of Patient Placement Criteria, Chapter 2.

TIP 8: Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Chapter 2.

Continuum of Care / Levels of Care:

TIP 46 Administrative Issues in Outpatient TXTIP 47 Clinical Issues In Intensive Outpatient Treatment

ASAM Six Dimensions:

Dimension I: Acute Intoxication and Withdrawal PotentialTIP 45 Detoxification

Dimension II: Bio-medical Conditions and Complications

tip 29

Dimension III: Emotional, Behavioral, or Cognitive Conditions or Complications

TIP 42 Co-Occurring Disorders

Dimension IV: Readiness to Change

TIP 35

Dimension V: Relapse, Continued Use, Continued Problem Potential

Relapse: An Overview of Marlatts Model

Relapse & Craving

What is Craving?

Assessing Craving for Alcohol

Craving Management


Understanding Craving

Behavior Modification & Relapse

Medication & Relapse

Dimension VI: Recovery/ Living Environment