ASAM E-Course Subscriptions Include
A one hour consult with Dr. Thomas H. Coyne, regarding the learners  Post Course Learning Measure. The Post Course Learning Measure will be reviewed and scored by Dr. Coyne, after which a call is scheduled to discuss learning gains, and  continued learning needs.
Why 3 and 6 Month Subscriptions?
The length of the subscriptions allow for knowledge and skill development over time, after all learning is a process, not an event. Subscriptions enable the learner to return to the course content for reference whenever they need to, reinforcing the knowledge acquired, and supporting the transfer and maintenance of that knowledge in the workplace.
Learners can continue to access the course content, and learning measures to test their retention of knowledge. The results help the learner identify and focus on the knowledge areas that need improvement. 
Develop and/or enhance your knowledge and skills regarding the correct administration and application of the American Society of Addictive Disorders (ASAM) Criteria, a.k.a., Patient Placement Criteria (PPC). Purchase 3, or 6 month subscriptions to the ASAM E – Course.
The subscriptions provide 24/7 access to course content, resources, and practice exercises for the life of the subscription. Complete all ASI E – Course requirements and receive your CEU’s and a certificate of completion. Complete all ASI E – Course requirements and achieve a passing score on the post course and follow up learning measures, and receive a certificate indicating you posses the knowledge and skills required to correctly administer the Addiction Severity Index (ASI). 
Increase your chances of successfully implementing the ASAM Criteria.  Develop and enhance the knowledge and skills of your workforce to correctly administer the Criteria, and use the data collected for treatment planning purposes. Provide your workforce the support they need to successfully transfer and maintain their learning back in the workplace.
Purchase subscriptions or a package that includes any or all of the following; subscriptions, onsite training, coaching, supervision, and video and/or teleconferencing services.
Contact us to discuss your learning needs and we will design an evidence based learning solution to best meet your needs.
Evidence Based – Proven Effective – Designed For Transfer